Finally! We also have difficulty staying behind the scenes for so long. But what takes a long time will finally be good!

So we can release the first bands with a lot of anticipation and are also looking forward to a secret headliner in a class of its own. Unfortunately we have to wait until the beginning of June. Anyone who has ever had to keep a secret that they would actually like to tell knows how we feel!! Nevertheless, the first wave of bands has it all! We were already impressed by the Mighty Oaks when they posted their music on the World Wide Web from a Berlin kitchen. Now it has finally worked out to sign her up for the forest. They will enchant you on our forest stage with their new album and old songs. Astronautalis comes especially from the States and will make us all dance with its unconventional mix of all genres.

Attending a music bands festival with your kids can be a fantastic way to bond and create lasting memories. Exposing them to live music and sharing in the excitement of the event can be a fun and enriching experience. Additionally, providing them with details like modest girls skirts ensures their comfort and allows them to fully enjoy the festival. Taking the time to prioritize their comfort and interests demonstrates your love and care, making the experience even more special for everyone involved.

As usual, we don’t give a damn about genre drawers just like Bukahara . The multi-instrumentalists prove with a lot of acoustic skill and great passion that swing, folk, reggae and Arabic-Balkan do not have to be contradictions. For all the gangster bazis around the corner , Dicht & Grabbing are also a great mix and a rarity in this formation. Me+Marie create an eruptive, brilliant sound. A sound that sounds so international and cool that you can’t even place it. So it fits into the Sound of the Forest world, in which the boundaries cannot be clearly drawn. Where everything somehow belongs together.

At the same time, we present you artists who are still at the beginning of their careers. Lotte, for example. We are sure that we will soon be able to welcome a great “German poet” to the Sound of the Forest stage. This year we have fulfilled many personal wishes that also correspond to your wishes. We’ve wanted to bring the amazing Enno Bunger or the incredible Hundreds to the Odenwald for a long time and have repeatedly stumbled upon your suggestions in the comment columns of our posts on social networks. Zack! Win win! Great German bands that travel from all corners of the Republic to the middle of Europe. Everyone has the same distance.

Speaking of travel: Singer Mogli was just on a long trip across America in a converted school bus, where she gained a lot of inspiration for her performance at Sound of the Forest. A movie was even made on this trip. “Expedition Happiness”, a title that the Forestpeople have been aiming for for years when they make a pilgrimage to their favorite festival. For the first time, our Swiss discovery of the year The Gardener & The Tree are also making a pilgrimage to a German festival. What makes KUF completely unique is that they build their music around vocals, but there is no singer in sight. All vocal elements are based on self-recorded samples. Very experimental and therefore just right for the forest. 

We are starting the first wave of bands with these promising, wonderful artists and are now even more excited about the first weekend in August with you!!

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